Automate EndPoint Protection Management
With Voice Recognition

Welcome to the future of Cybersecurity. It’s about time.

CISO’s are responsible for monitoring, measuring and managing cyber risk throughout the entire enterprise, and also report to c-level executives and board members on a regular basis. However having access to accurate, relevant and timely information, at their fingertips is critical – but this is also a challenge because large enterprises are often very siloed, visibility is a challenge and endpoint protection management is complex.

SentinelOne has developed a unique and innovative solution, integrating voice recognition through Amazon Echo with our industry leading Autonomous Endpoint Security Platform. You don’t have to ask your staff to produce a weekly report, or the version number of agents deployed or any other query. This unique approach is showcasing SentinelOne's rich APIs that enable comprehensive integration capabilities across a wide variety of platforms and solutions. 

Download this datasheet to learn how;

  • Security professionals can gain instant access to critical information about the security health of their network posture by simply asking Alexa a question
  • Cut through your siloed organization and gain the relevant visibility you need to communicate effectively to c-level executives
  • Optimize the productivity of your team by saving them for having to create time consuming manual reports
  • Manage threats, vulnerabilities and risk more effectively
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