You Want Answers? Speak To Your Security Platform
Automate Endpoint Protection Management With Amazon and SentinelOne

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Imagine if you could access critical information about the security health of your network by simply asking your security platform what you needed to know?

Join Eran Ashkenazi, VP Services and Field Operations, and Chris Goodman, Solutions Engineer, SentinelOne, for a compelling webcast discussing a ground-breaking approach, integrating voice recognition through Amazons Echo with SentinelOne’s industry leading Autonomous Endpoint Security Platform. This unique approach is showcasing SentinelOne's rich APIs that enable comprehensive integration capabilities across a wide variety of platforms and solutions.

Learn how Amazon and SentinelOne together enable you to;

  • Deliver quick and accurate information on the security health of your network, anywhere, any time any place
  • Gain efficient visibility into critical information within your siloed organizations
  • Optimize the efficacy and productivity of their IT team, so that they spend less time creating manual reports and more time focusing on threat prevention strategies.
  • Deliver the right security intelligence to c-level executives and board members easily and efficiently when needed.

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Eran Ashkenazi

Eran Ashkenazi
VP Services and Field Operations

Chris Goodman
Solutions Engineer