A Cyber Risk Survival Guide: Best practices in protecting your business through technology and insurance

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It seems like every week we see a high profile cyber attacks aimed at stealing sensitive data and extorting money. And then tack on the aftermath to the organization who was hit - the cost of resulting lawsuits, penalties, and lost revenue due to reputation damage.

But there is hope! Organizations around the world are implementing strategies to mitigate the looming cyber risk, and they involve both technology AND policy.

In this webinar, you'll get expert advice from guest speaker Charlie Bernier, cyber insurance pioneer and Broker/Attorney at ECBM Insurance Brokers and Consultants and Sean Roth, SentinelOne Director of Product Marketing, including:

  • The real costs involved when a breach occurs
  • Key considerations in designing a cyber insurance policy that protects your organization
  • Choosing cybersecurity solutions that ultimately meet your security goals Register today!