Beyond Files: The Full Spectrum of Attacks

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We've all seen the bake-offs - vendor against vendor, the 'latest' malware samples run raw and then packed, and who apparently wins the race against hackers. But there is one major flaw in these tests - they're only covering a fraction of attacks that occur in the wild. What about exploits? What about script-based attacks, including powershell and VMI? What about attacks that leave no file indicators - how does your security stop them?

Join SentinelOne's Eran Ashkenazi, VP of Field Services and Support, as he discusses the full spectrum of attacks that are currently out in the wild and what you can do to protect against them.

What You'll learn:

  • The types of attacks, or attack vectors, you should include in your evaluation testing
  • Real-world attacks that utilize methods that leave no file-based indicators
  • How SentinelOne's next generation endpoint protection protects against a file-less attack in a live demo.