90 Days - A CISO’s Journey to Impact

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90 Days: A CISO’s Journey to Impact - Define Your Role

The CISO’s job is a revolving door: competitive markets, complex IT infrastructure, and a constantly evolving threat landscape make this one of the toughest C-suite jobs.

SentinelOne has partnered with some of the most successful and acclaimed CISOs to create a blueprint for success.  In our first of a series of ebooks, learn about:

  • The Do’s:  How to generate quick wins in your cybersecurity program
  • The Dont’s:  What not to do
  • General management and industry tips to inspire your team to succeed

It’s all about creating meaningful impact and developing a higher standard of cybersecurity effectiveness.  

Whether a new CISO, tenured CISO or an aspiring CISO, this is a must-read.  Get your copy here.