Passive EDR Isn't Good Enough!
Register for the SentinelOne Cyber Security Event to find out why.

21 May, Sjö och Land, Stockholm

Join us on 21 May for the SentinelOne Cyber Security Event at Sjö och Land on Strandvägskajen 21 in Stockholm. We'll start at 12.00 with lunch and will finish the session around 17:00 with drinks, mingling and food. You'll see firsthand from our customers why they chose SentinelOne. Explore why Annelie Pompe- a professional adventurer from Sweden- emphasizes the importance of safety and accuracy, how she became a world record holder in freediving (126m), and how she became the first Swedish woman to climb Mount Everest from the north side in 7 summits.

Join this event to learn what next generation security should look like:

  • A single console with one single agent for all of your endpoints
    • Enable Low TCO and maintenance costs
  • Intelligent EDR 
    • Enable lower TCO by focussing only on the important alerts (instead of all alerts)
  • Threat hunting made easy
    • Create a smart workspace and enable smarter and faster ways to identify and work with threat flows


Eric van Sommeren-Headshot.jpg


Eric van Sommeren, Director Sales Northern Europe

Annelie Pompe, Freediver, Surfer, Author and Speaker