Experiencing a Breach?

The attack surface for cloud-native applications is increasing, and the pressure is on to find efficient, DevOps friendly, and . As you leverage AWS and containers to drive value for your organization, you need to

Learn how SentinelOne can help you secure your modern applications with:

  • Integrations with AWS to simplify deployment, response, and recovery
  • highly efficient eBPF architecture approaches to fit your environment
  • AI-powered, real-time security to protect at machine speed
SentinelOne Singularity Cloud provides runtime protection, detection, and response for servers, VMs, and Kubernetes clusters. Centrally securing virtual machines, containers, and physical servers across your cloud, with unified real-time threat prevention, detection, investigation, and response without sacrificing performance or operational efficiency.

SentinelOne is proud to be an AWS Advanced Technology partner, with multiple competencies and service ready validations, with solutions available on AWS Marketplace.

Learn how you can enhance your cloud security with SentinelOne and AWS