CISOs: Why Driving Your Purchase of Cyber Liability Insurance is Essential

Speaker: Jim Jaeger

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The critical role of CISOs is emerging in the purchasing decisions in their organization’s Cyber Liability insurance in a way not seen before and the benefits include access to cybersecurity experts, reduced rates, increased communication across the organization, and preparedness for business interruption. In this webinar, Arete and SentinelOne’s cybersecurity experts will discuss the key information CISOs need to be able to build an effective and comprehensive Cyber Insurance Program, Incident Response and Incident Response Retainers, Assessments and how they are an important part of a comprehensive Cyber Insurance Program, and the most effective ways CISOs can help to reduce costs associated with cyber-attacks with next generation deep visibility and automated response.

Why the CISO is Critical for the Cyber Insurance Procurement Process and what you need to know:

  • Traditional buyers of insurance have been corporate Risk Managers – now the questions on the applications are much more technical and the stakes are too high for just one stakeholder within the organization to answer them. Increased department communication throughout the organization up to the C-Suite is an ancillary benefit.
  • The involvement of an organization’s CISO in completing a warranty statement strengthens the validity of the application for Cyber Liability Insurance, which reduces the likelihood of a declination in coverage.
  • Cyber Brokers want to include the organization’s CISOs because they will feel more confident about presenting a complete and well-informed risk to a carrier.
  • CISOs involved in the purchasing process help assure Cyber Insurance Underwriters that they have the most reliable, substantive answers to price and give adequate coverage.
  • CISO involvement in the purchasing process fulfills compliance with certain regulatory requirements.

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Jim Jaeger
President & Global Cyber Security Practice Leader
Arete Advisors

Jared Phipps
VP Global Engineering